As an international student, I had forgotten the one thing that was vital for survival-food. When I arrived on campus grounds, I was elated to have made it into the university. Our family had struggled financially since birth. Therefore, when I was awarded a scholarship, I took the opportunity with both hands. I knew that I had to adapt to many changes while I was there, however, I had forgotten about food. I could not believe the taste in my mouth when I tasted the local delicacy.

 I was traumatized by it that I had to hand over the assignments that I had planned to undertake that evening to The rest of the time was spent in the bathroom trying to wash away the taste of the food I had consumed. I wondered what I would do about the meals when I was attending the college for at least three years. I did not intend to taste any raw foods again, especially of the sea-kind. Luckily my new friends had been in the country for awhile. They introduced me to a restaurant that cooked their meals well. I made a decision to invest in a cooker so that I could make my meals personally.